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                • 100 type mechanical dozen hair machine
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              • 100 type mechanical dozen hair machineDetail

                100 type mechanical dozen hair machine
                Products overview
                ZBM-1 type OOB pig dozen hair machine, is my company to adapt to the need of the slaughterhouse, small for special design of a kind of special dozen hair equipment. Its characteristic is a hair the space is open, to adapt to the different size can increase the grid type, supporting bracket can from the interval of, can make hair, the hair can also play to turn the drum, and overcome the hard not only to turn pig and to play hair, the intensity of the drum rotating can make the surface scratch, subcutaneous fat, and had broken blowing wool manual control time, so can adapt in different areas of the different pig. (note: can dozen hair should be done before hot hair)
                2, the main application and characteristics
                1) equipment USES
                For hot after MAO can make hair
                2) the characteristics of the equipment
                A. the machine adopts mechanical transmission, no pollution to can.
                B. smooth operation, long service life.
                C. Can the continuous production, high efficiency.
                D. the operation is simple, less easyworn parts.