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              Pig slaughter equipment     Cow slaughter equipment     Sheep slaughter equipment    Sheep slaughter process flow diagram    Pig slaughter process flow diagram    Cattle slaughtered process flow diagram

                • Pig synchronous all relatived inspections
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              • Pig synchronous all relatived inspectionsDetail

                Pig synchronous all relatived inspections, also known as pig slaughter quarantine equipment, synchronous all relatived inspections transport line is the key to slaughter process slaughter equipment, red and white dirty hanging in the dirty all relatived inspections according to set the speed of online, and carcass processing line run by artificial, synchronous to internal organs of the pig full inspection and quarantine, such not only ensure the meat quality of health and to comply with the relevant state health inspection standard.
                Isolated from can white dirty into all relatived inspections disc, red dirty (heart, liver, lungs, etc) hang in the hook. The machine runs smoothly, accurate synchronization, slaughtering and processing is the indispensable one of key equipment.
                2, the main application and characteristics
                (1) equipment USES
                Used to internal organs in transmission and red and white quarantine inspection pig gut, if they are qualified.
                (2) the characteristics of the equipment
                A. the machine adopts mechanical transmission, no pollution to can.
                B smooth operation, long service life.
                C. Can the continuous production, high efficiency. The operation is simple, less easyworn parts.