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              Pig slaughter equipment     Cow slaughter equipment     Sheep slaughter equipment    Sheep slaughter process flow diagram    Pig slaughter process flow diagram    Cattle slaughtered process flow diagram

                • Off the conveyor line
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              • Off the conveyor lineDetail

                V type slope conveyor and says the strip conveyor referred to as the strip line, mainly for the MaoZhu drain blood MaoZhu after the nap of transportation in the slaughter process, general and skinning, supporting the use of the machine. Is a pig slaughtering production line of the strip the necessary the strip conveying equipment.
                The conveyor-the strip line-slope type the strip transport line main have drive device, frame, plastic chain board's components. The machine has compact structure, smooth transmission, good appearance, easy to install and operate, strong commonality etc, and is the first choice in the slaughter and processing the strip conveying equipment.
                2. Applicable range and working conditions
                This product to adapt in 25 ° C temperature-~ 40 ° C, no fire and explosion danger and corrosive medium environment, work, applicable power supply for ac three-phase, 380 V, 50 HZ ac.
                3. Installation and commissioning
                1) according to the process diagram and workshop specific conditions to V type slope conveyor undertake decorating, and determined the installation position and its subsidiary of the before and after equipment.
                2) check the housing and the bolt looseness in without;
                3) to the equipment should be to a week for a cycle, wipe on and maintenance. Check the chain reasonable degree and the various lubrication part whether to need to refill lubricating grease.
                4) every time use equipment in the former, should make the equipment operation period of time, no-load to ensure there is no abnormal condition in equipment again after put into use.